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    We all embark on the journey of life at the same starting point. We travel down the road before us, trying to carve out a path that will lead us to the kind of life that will bring us joy.

    However, there are times when that path leads us off the course of happiness and fulfillment, and into the unexpected.

    Whether you’re stuck in the woods of anxiety, depression, or trauma, it is possible to climb out and get back on track. I know it feels daunting now, but that is why you are here.

    Find your voice

    Here at Group’d, we will work with you to help you develop the strategies you need to get back on the path that leads to happiness and success. Together, we will work to address the issues you are facing so that you can climb out of those woods confident and ready to take on a new direction in life.

    We will work closely to analyze what struggles you are facing, their underlying causes, and try to change the behaviors and thought patterns that are keeping you from being the person you want to be.

    If you’re ready to get back on the path that leads to a more fulfilling life, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today so we can work to get you back on course.

    About Raveen Florence

    Hey! I’m Raveen the Owner and Founder of Group’d. My mission is simple: to provide accessible, affordable and quality group therapy to those that need it. I strive to create a safe place where you can heal without judgement and with the support of a community. Whether its to cope with anxiety related to life stressors, Traumas from the past or Depression that seems to be weighing you down we are here to help! I take pride in providing services that are actually helpful, practical and beneficial. 

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